Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies? Best Platform to Trade

Discover our comparison of the best platforms where you can make your purchase of cryptocurrencies in complete safety.

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Comparison of cryptocurrency platforms

1. Binance, the best exchange platform

Binance has established itself worldwide as the reference platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The advantage is that it offers very low transaction costs. However, its many features can be difficult for a beginner to understand.

Binance allows you to apply leverage to try and make a successful purchase. Users can thus master the various aspects of cryptocurrency.

2. eToro, the leading cryptocurrency trading platform

eToro is probably the best cryptocurrency platform. Choice, simplicity and security are the strengths that make this platform a reference platform in cryptocurrency trading. Its interface and many features allow you to manage both buying and selling cryptos.

Another good point: eToro has an easy-to-use mobile app. eToro sets itself apart from its competitors with its copy trading (doing the same trades as top traders) and social trading (trading with other traders and asking their opinion).

Many crypto assets are added regularly and eToro has the most sought after cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, Litecoin or Dogecoin. eToro does not allow you to own cryptocurrencies, but CFDs (contract for difference). Thanks to CFDs, your investment is protected as much as possible and you benefit from the leverage effect.

3. ZenGo, the best platform to buy cryptocurrencies

Although ZenGo is a newer platform, it is very professional in buying, selling, trading and checking the prices of cryptocurrencies. Its strong point is the very user-friendly application with many functions. Therefore, ZenGo is aimed at beginners who can invest in well-known assets such as Bitcoin or Ether.

You can buy assets in euros by bank transfer or credit card, so the operation is very simple. ZenGo also offers you very interesting savings products. Customer service and security are ZenGo's strengths.

4. Crypto.com, the platform to be developed in 2022

Like ZenGo, Crypto.com is a newer platform that is gaining popularity. However, some features may have drawbacks for users. Therefore, it is not possible to trade with pushed services. Crypto.com offers many assets such as Bitcoin and Ether for example. Leverage can be multiplied by 100 when you want to trade.

5. Kraken, the best platform to watch cryptos

Kraken stands out as a platform for buying and trading cryptocurrencies. The application is very intuitive and its functionalities allow to control the price of assets. It is possible that you store and safely place the cryptocurrencies to speculate and use the leverage. Kraken's security is top notch.

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