How to Save Money Shopping for Groceries

According to an Ipsos survey, in 2019 more than half of consumers (58%) make their purchases in cash with about 10 euros. Inflation since early 2022 is not helping the situation.

The good news is that it is possible to save tens or even hundreds of dollars on your shopping budget without sacrificing the quality of the products. So without further ado, here's how to save money on purchases sustainably!


1. Make a shopping list

To lower your shopping budget, start with the basics: the shopping list. Some even prepare their weekly menu for the list. Personally, I use scrap paper or a small notebook and go to the grocery store with a pen to list products as I go.

I am much more efficient with a list. In addition, I avoid having to fill the shopping cart with too many products that end up at the bottom of the refrigerator and sometimes even get thrown away.

2. Empty the pantry and refrigerator first

Many people who wonder how to save money on groceries forget an important step before going to the supermarket! You need to start inventorying the inventory at home! The idea is not to completely empty your closets. In fact, keeping a small basic stock at home is recommended and is often very useful.

Before going to the supermarket, however, it is possible to save tens of dollars by simply thinking about using the products already in the freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Another advantage: Knowing exactly what's already available will prevent you from buying again because you mistakenly believe there aren't more. In here you have another tempt euros in savings!

3. Simplify Your Daily Meals

Another very simple idea is to simplify certain meals, such as: dinner. Why not opt ​​for alternative protein sources? No one is asking you to go vegan, just cut back on more expensive items every now and then.

A homemade omelette or quiche with salad or a whole salad made with lentils will meet your family's nutritional needs and cut your grocery budget. Eggs and legumes are still much cheaper protein sources than meat.

Is it necessary to eat cheese and dessert with every meal? Wouldn't it be possible to do one or the other? Or for dessert at night they eliminate you? Rethink your diet and look for cheap alternatives to change your habits, eat better and cheaper.

4. Shop alone and on a full stomach

Supermarkets are made to sell! Everything is aimed at enticing and enticing the consumer. Going shopping as a family thus increases the risk of temptation. The gentleman wants an extra pack of beer, the children want trinkets...

In short, everything that weighs heavily on the shopping budget planned at the beginning. For greater efficiency, it is better to shop alone and with a full stomach! When you are hungry and surrounded by food, you inevitably burst more easily…

5. Prefer local in seasonal products

Seasonal produce is an excellent way to stay healthy and consume quality produce. Even though my recipe calls for tomatoes in the middle of winter, I'm against it! Seasonal products are usually the cheapest. A simple and concrete way to save money on purchases. In then you can really diversify your diet instead of always buying the same fruits and vegetables out of habit.

6. Buy own brands

Private brands are cheaper than their national brand equivalents. According to a US study, a family of five can save up to $3,000 a year by simply switching to private labels*. Be careful, it is about buying a comparable product in terms of quality.

The idea is not to pay for the national brand if there is a private label or other lesser known brand on the shelf that is just as good (and sometimes from the exact same factory)!

How can I save money on groceries with this method without my family noticing the difference? Here is the unstoppable method. Next time you go shopping, buy the cheapest private label product and make it as usual. You taste with your mouth, not with your eyes! So do the test blindly, i.e. without telling your family.

Don't notice a difference? Perfect, buy this new product cheaper in the future! If you get feedback, go back to the usual brand and try to change another product next time. By applying this method to all products in your shopping cart, you have 25% to 50% cheaper products in your shopping cart at every checkout! A great way to save money on groceries without reducing the quality or quantity of the products you buy!

7. Trick Your Brain

A caddy is the perfect size for a large family. But it is large compared to the needs of most customers. Why are shopping carts so big? It is very simple, the customer has the impression that he has few products in his shopping cart and fills, fills, fills.

In order not to be "manipulated" anymore, it is enough to carry a small basket. If the goal is to make small additional purchases, it is even possible to take nothing and take the purchases with you. As soon as the hands are full, we stop.

It's not practical, I assure you, but in any case don't go to the store to buy 2-3 things and leave with a full basket and €50 less in your account! Yes, it's lived and certainly for you too, right?

8. Avoid prepared foods

After a day of work, the microwave bowl is really very practical. But it is much more expensive! Homemade food is the answer if you're wondering how to save money on groceries! In addition to the price difference, it ensures that you can eat better (amount of salt, no preservatives, etc.).

Try to limit prepared dishes as much as possible or even eliminate them completely. Also opt for a homemade packed lunch at work instead of a substandard sandwich or ready meal.

9. Compare prices

Brands change their prices very often. Now offer promotions to your customers every week. When making your shopping list, it is also good to check the promotions in parallel to make your menu integrate the promotions.

Nowadays all supermarkets put their catalog online. “It's autumn, are there pumpkins for sale? All right, I'll add them to the menu. On Saturdays we invite friends and are there raclette cheese and potatoes for sale? Then it will be raclette night! »

But beware, some campaigns that encourage people to buy in large quantities can contribute to food waste. The 10 rolls offered when buying another 20 rolls often end up in the trash!

10. Use Coupons

Today, dozens of websites offer printable coupons. Others are available on store shelves. Feel free to take it when you see it (nothing forces you to buy the product right away). Their deadline is usually far away, so we can hold them and bring them in at the right time. I always use coupons when I shop.

When you see them, you say to yourself, “€0.50, €0.75… that's not much! But in the end it can quickly turn into a lot of money! This way I get a €5 or €10 discount on my shopping cart every week! I print coupons that turn into tickets! An activity you can do quietly at home, it would be a shame to deprive yourself, right?

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