Is Dropshipping Still Profitable in 2023?

I get a lot of hits on my blog from various articles about dropshipping.

And aside from creating a cheap dropshipping site, the question that comes up the most has to do with the profitability of this type of business: is dropshipping profitable?

And I have to admit, it's legit for people considering opening an online store with no inventory to ask this question.

Because while it's very cheap to start dropshipping, it doesn't mean you have nothing left to use. So before using anything, it makes sense to ask yourself this question.

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Is dropshipping profitable?

In fact, as with any business, margin, i.e. how much you get back, is a major factor in how profitable your dropshipping business is.

In order for this activity to be profitable, it is necessary that the sum of the commissions you earn thanks to this activity covers all the costs associated with your electronic trading activity.

What are the main costs of the dropshipping site?

There are several features related to running an ecommerce site:

The cost of your salary

First of all, it is advisable to reinvest all your earned income to improve the bad name of your website or to make changes that have a direct impact on your business.

So when you make several (dozens) of sales per day, consider paying yourself a salary. This salary depends on the margin that you are left with after taking into account all previous costs.

The cost of acquiring your customers

In this post, we are talking about all the costs you will invest in attracting internet users to your website. You can e.g. buy AdWords keywords so that your ads appear in Google results.

Or you certainly invest a few tens/hundreds of euros on Facebook to promote your products. All these investments will reduce your margin

The cost of managing the site

Whether it's your monthly subscription if you use a solution like Dropizi or the amortization cost of your first purchase (if you bought your site several hundred or thousands of euros), this amount can increase your profitability. lose quickly (especially if you're just starting out and only make a few sales).

The Cost of Updating Your Website

Your website may not be perfect at first: the most important thing is that you make your first sale. But the more products you sell, the more you want to increase your conversion rate.

Then you want to adjust your website to make it even more effective, so that it looks even more like you. Keep these costs in mind as it is the money invested that reduces your margin.

How to dropship profitably?

But how do you ensure that the sum of the commissions is greater than your investments? To me, there are 3 main elements that allow you to dropship profitably.

Learn more about the challenges of dropshipping

The first relates to your knowledge of ecommerce topics.

Indeed, like anyone who starts an activity, he will make mistakes. These errors are related to your ignorance of the challenges of electronic commerce, as well as your lack of experience.

The problem with these errors is that many e-tailers have made so many mistakes that they are closing due to lack of resources.

And you, you don't want to make mistakes! I am wrong ? And in my opinion, taking dropshipping training is the most appropriate solution to avoid these mistakes and gain several weeks/months of ecommerce experience.

I explained to you in this special article that training will give you all the keys to success for an activity that works by preventing you from making early mistakes.

I also explained how you can take advantage of free dropshipping training using the training modules in the Dropizi solution.

This French website creation solution offers its users 10 modules (60 videos), produced by e-commerce experts, to give you all the balls to make your first sale and develop your dropshipping business. 

This solution gives you the first 14 days that you use this solution, without any obligation.

In short, sign up and use the 14 days to train yourself in the challenges of dropshipping: don't leave home until you've watched and read all these videos.

In the end, you will find that you will be much better equipped to start your online store without inventory.

Negotiate commission rates

Finally, an interesting lever to boost dropshipping profitability is to negotiate commission rates.

So don't dream! As long as you don't make a few tens/hundreds of sales per month, you have to settle for the standard commission rate assigned by your provider.

In fact, it is always more interesting to negotiate if you are in a strong position, creating an interesting turnover for the supplier.

Negotiating commission rates has a direct impact on your margin rate because if you don't touch your prices, if your commission rate goes up, it increases the amount you get back when a sale is made.

Higher commission rates can also benefit you in other ways. You can even choose to pay commission percentages earned on your sale price.

This allows you to lower your prices without losing margin. And the more attractive your prices are, the more your conversion rate will increase and the more sales you will make. So it's a vicious circle!

The Mistake of Not Committing to a Profitable Dropshipping

It would end up giving you the mistake you shouldn't make if you want to have a profitable dropshipping site. This error lowers your selling prices.

In fact, most budding e-tailers want to do the same as Amazon or Cdiscount and offer their internet users a significant discount. It is true that this will allow you to make your first sale.

But as you already know, if you lower your prices, you reduce the commission you get back. But as I said above, in order to have a profitable dropshipping business, it is necessary that the sum of your commissions is greater than your expenses. However, it is especially in the beginning that cost is the most important.

So don't sell your products, but appreciate them! Show your expertise in the theme or stand out from the competition by posting more beautiful images, offering more technical features, etc.

Make internet users happy to pay full price and take advantage of your full commission to reinvest and grow.

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