4 Methods to Earn Money with AliExpress

AliExpress is a huge Chinese website that brings together multiple sellers. They offer their products at an unbeatable price.

More and more internet buyers go there to find all kinds of articles in multiple fields.

However, AliExpress is also a real gold mine for entrepreneurs who want to make money selling online. More suppliers can be called in to do business and increase sales.

So how do you monetize this platform? Various solutions and ideas are available to you. Let me guide you!

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1. Dropshipping or standard e-commerce?

If you want to start the adventure of selling online without taking too many risks, dropshipping is an excellent solution.

The concept is simple: create an ecommerce site and sell products without stock and without worrying about shipping.

To do this, sellers often turn to specialized marketplaces that are accustomed to this type of service.

They enable them to find all kinds of goods for sale, outsource the logistics part and generate an extra margin.

Invest to succeed

Dropshipping is far from easy money, but requires a certain investment of time and a certain knowledge of online selling.

If you are interested in dropshipping via AliExpress, the Dropizi subscription includes a complete online training to guide you step by step through this process.

Marketing, launching your company, practical information... You can rely on solid documentation!

First, you need to configure your e-store to display all the items you have selected on AliExpress. When visitors to your site buy an item, don't have it delivered to their doorstep and then shipped.

To save time, ask AliExpress to deliver this delivery to the end customer who bought the product in Euros, with a white label. So the recipient doesn't even know it's a product from a supplier in China.

For faster delivery, if possible, choose products with 10-day shipping from China or Europe.

The choice of providers

Dropshipping obviously has a significant advantage in terms of financial investment and logistics management, both in terms of storage and shipping.

On the other hand, to make your dropshipping business work, you need to choose serious suppliers.

Since many tasks are delegated, it is necessary to have complete trust in your partners. Choose a provider who is communicative, helpful and professional.

Traditional e-commerce

If you don't want to outsource part of your sales process to a supplier you'll probably never meet, in this case it's up to you to go to a traditional ecommerce site.

In addition, nothing stands in the way of working with AliExpress, even if you have a classic webshop.

To do this, start by importing products from AliExpress. So you can take advantage of favorable prices, especially if you choose to buy certain references in large quantities, which allows you to reduce prices. Unlike Alibaba, AliExpress doesn't necessarily allow you to negotiate with suppliers.

However, no minimum order is required: you can import a single copy of a product, unlike Alibaba.

Then wait for your orders to be delivered and save them. Once your products are in stock, you can list them on your website for resale. The packaging and delivery tasks are therefore your responsibility once the sale has been completed.

While this process represents a more expensive investment and time, it also offers some benefits. First of all, by working in this way you keep full control over the sales process of your product. This allows you to guarantee quality.

At the same time, take advantage of the opportunity to create your own product images and get more quality images.

Since your goods are already present in France, this process makes it possible to significantly shorten the delivery time, which is a very important factor for customer loyalty.

2. Affiliation

If you don't want to deal with managing inventory or setting up a good online store, there is another way to make money on AliExpress, through affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

The concept is simple: encourage customers to follow one of your links to redirect them to the AliExpress website.

When they place an order, AliExpress will reward you! So it's about creating passive income, on commission, without putting in a huge marketing effort.

However, keep in mind that your commissions will be deposited into your AliExpress account initially. If you want to receive them in your bank account, AliExpress will charge $15 for each transfer.

So wait until you have enough affiliate income to minimize the impact of these fees.

Set up your affiliate link

To create a link through AliExpress, follow these three sequential steps:

First step, create your account on the website https://portals.aliexpress.com/, fill in your information in the AliExpress section dedicated to affiliate. In fact, the platform has a dedicated portal for all its members.

Please note, however, that these pages are written in English only. Therefore, the registration is in the language of Shakespeare and the validation of the account is not instantaneous. To be active, you have to wait a few days.

Second step, get your API key. After validating your AliExpress affiliate account, an API key will be sent to you.

It is obtained using an email with a password. Keep the supplied key carefully. It allows you to create product links with AliExpress.

Third step, insert links to AliExpress products. Once your account has been created and these steps above have been validated, simply paste your affiliate links on sites that you think will help you attract as many people as possible.

For example, if you have a blog with a lot of popularity, it can be a good leverage to generate affiliate income on AliExpress.

3. Money Refund

Another way to earn extra income through AliExpress - cashback. This process appeared on the Internet in the 90s. Today it continues to grow in popularity.

The concept is very simple: when you shop on certain websites, you can take advantage of automatic discounts on other partner sites. In other words, if you spend money on a site like AliExpress, some platforms like iGraal will refund a percentage of your purchases to your bank account.

It is clear that cashback is mainly used for personal purposes, to take advantage of certain discounts when making your daily purchases.

4. Amazon FBA

If most e-tailers are hesitant to ship in partnership with AliExpress, it's mostly because of delivery times.

In fact, AliExpress warehouses are mainly located in China. Therefore, the customer usually has to wait at least two weeks to receive his goods. However, this is one of the main barriers to buying.

Rest assured, there is an unstoppable technique for dealing with this inconvenience. To avoid this long and complex logistics, why not use the Amazon FBA solution?

Amazon has unparalleled logistics and record delivery times. The Amazon FBA system allows you to take advantage of this device.

Amazon FBA is short for 'Fulfillment By Amazon', which literally means 'fulfilled by Amazon'. It allows you to import your inventory directly into Amazon's warehouses and delegate the management and shipping of your products to the company.

This way you benefit from one of the best logistics platforms in the world, while freeing yourself from all restrictions so that you can fully concentrate on your sales.

Through this process, when your customers place an order, the Amazon team is responsible for the delivery, as well as returns or after-sales service. Even better, Amazon FBA makes your products eligible for Prime service and thus visible to millions of customers.

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