Tips to Save Money Being a Student

As a student you often have a small budget, which you have to pay close attention to. Many young people feel a bit lost when they go to higher education and start managing their own budget.

You are probably wondering how to save money. That's why we give you all our saving tips in this article!


Save money when shopping

How you consume inevitably has an impact on your consumption. Therefore, it is through purchase that you can first apply certain rules to save your budget. Here are some tips to save.

Prioritize local markets

Buying locally is often (wrongly) seen as cost-increasing. This is completely incorrect and on the contrary, it even allows you to save money by going to the market.

To make it even cheaper:

  1. Try to go just before closing time: unsold items often sell out.
  2. To avoid buying more ingredients than necessary, it is advisable to plan meals in advance. List the meals you plan to eat for your week and then make your grocery list accordingly. It also prevents waste!
  3. Feel free to take an interest in the "ugly" fruits and vegetables that gardeners often have to throw away: you could get them back for free.
  4. Organize your meals

Make your own meals instead of buying industrially prepared meals. It's better for your wallet and better for your health. And when you study, it's super important to take good care of yourself!

Before you run, try to leave your credit card at home and withdraw the amount you need to make your purchases at the ATM. This prevents unnecessary purchases!

Prefer vegetarian food

Eating meat rarely goes hand in hand with student life. It can even get expensive quickly... So try to reduce your consumption and prioritize vegetarian meals. Trick that works 100% to save money!

This is also a habit to adopt, but it will save you a lot of money! And besides eating more vegetables, you're also doing something for the planet.

Search for private labels

Private brands (also called sub-brands) are usually cheaper and just as good as the others. Grant these privileges, even if you save just a few dollars or cents, you'll be a winner in the end.

The cheapest products are often at the bottom or top of the shelf. The most expensive products are placed at the consumer's eye level to encourage them to buy them.

Other tips that can help you save money

Choose sturdy hygiene products

Strong hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. that you find in organic stores seem more expensive at first glance. So you instinctively turn to the colorful plastic bottles that stand out on the shelves...

But in the end, solid hygiene products last much longer than a liquid hygiene product! Therefore, it is cheaper and more profitable in the long run.

For example, a shampoo bar should last about six months. It is economical, but also ecological. And if you still don't dare to take the step, know that you will get used to it very quickly and that once the change is implemented, you won't want to go back!

This is a good compromise to save money for students. And a small bonus, it's good for the planet.

Read more about food aid for students

In many faculties, associations organize food distribution for students. These are often food baskets at a discounted price to help those in need.

Do not hesitate to inquire about these deliveries and check your student mailbox regularly: very often you will receive e-mails with information about their organisation.

Save money while living a student life

Studying certainly means working hard, but also often living in large cities where you have a student life!

Unfortunately, on a tight budget it can be difficult to go out regularly if you've already spent money on food... But that doesn't mean you have to give up!

Don't forget your student card for cultural activities

In large cities there are a large number of cinemas, theaters and museums. It would be a shame not to use it! In these cultural spaces, students regularly benefit from discounts

So don't hesitate to check the prices for online students and allow yourself a few culture moments!

Also stay informed about events. For example, the museums are free every first Sunday of the month. During the summer, the cinema festival takes place there and also brings its share of the discounts. A great way to save money as you grow!

In order to train, you must register with the sports department of your university

Exercise is a great way to clear your head if you work a lot! But in the big cities, the price of subscriptions to gyms or nightclubs is usually very high... Don't worry, there is a solution!

In fact, there is a sports department at every faculty that offers you a whole list of sports that you can do for free.

Do not miss the registrations that take place at the beginning of the year, but do not hesitate to go there, it will give you the opportunity to play sports while meeting people from your university!

Save money on your home

Housing is a large part of a student's cost. That is why it is important to apply some tips!

Live with someone

To share housing costs, cohabitation is the solution. This also often gives you the opportunity to get a bigger, better quality apartment! And if you're living alone for the first time, living with other people can put your mind at ease!

You may consider sharing living space with people your age, as well as coexistence between generations! It also ensures that an older one is not alone, and it is also much cheaper.

Watch your water and electricity expenses

Because of this advice, even your parents have probably repeated it to you at home... But be careful with your water and electricity consumption! This saves you money.


With all these tips, I'm sure you can save some money! Whether it's because you need to make a big purchase in the future or you just want to cover your butt, it's always a good idea to save!

You will also see that it is useful for your future life and that you have less impact on our planet... This is called a win-win situation!

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