9 Simple Ways to Earn Money with Amazon

Amazon is the number 1 shopping site and is visited by nearly 100 billion potential buyers every month.

All a success you can take advantage of by discovering how to make money with Amazon. In fact, there are several solutions to make money through this site, such as affiliate, dropshipping, selling products or offering private services, and we describe all these options.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, want to earn extra income or earn a living from e-commerce, then the following methods may be of interest to you.

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Another method of making money on Amazon is to practice Dropshipping, a currently very popular solution, which consists in offering products shipped directly from the supplier.

Your task will be to choose the right one, to ensure the quality of your goods, so that the return is as good as possible.

Find out how to dropship if you are not familiar with this new selling solution and you will understand how to make money on Amazon.

Selling products on Amazon

Amazon is the giant of e-commerce, offering millions of products so that every buyer can find what they are looking for.

If you want to distribute products, you can become a seller on Amazon and thus have your pages and your accountant. We explain it in detail in our article: How to sell on Amazon?

By choosing the right products, choosing the best suppliers, and getting involved in making the listings, you will make a profit as a seller on Amazon.

Note: Through the FBA program, Amazon manages your inventory and deliveries, which can be a real breath of fresh air for budding entrepreneurs.

Amazon Partner

It is one of the preferred methods for entrepreneurs looking for how to make money with Amazon. With this successful affiliate system, every sale made from its platform on Amazon can receive a commission.

As we mentioned in our Amazon Affiliate review, it's a method that can be very profitable as long as you get involved and make the right decisions.

Commission rates vary depending on the products offered (between 4% and 11%) and sales are recorded for you by means of cookies that record the virtual movements of your visitors.

Join the Amazon Handmade Program

Less well-known, the Amazon Handmade system offers makers, artisans, the opportunity to sell their products online, be it clothing, jewelry or accessories.

To do this, you will need to fill out a form that explains in detail the nature of your work and the techniques used to achieve it, thus providing you with a profile for the sale of your creations.

It's a great showcase for a creator who can reach Amazon's many customers without paying a dime. Unlike direct sales on Amazon, which costs $39/month, the Amazon Handmade program is free and you only pay fees for the total sale.

Complete tasks in Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you have a few minutes to kill, you can participate in paid tasks on Amazon, which often consist of answering surveys, editing and validating content, in exchange for a few cents or a few dollars (read more about paid survey sites).

Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to earn small amounts of money by repeating this type of activity.

However, if it is a good solution for the US citizen, non-US users will receive their payment in the form of coupons only.

KDP System Membership

Did you know it was possible to publish a book on Amazon? If you know how to write and want to bring your stories to a wide range of readers, then the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) solution is for you.

Depending on the chosen status, you will receive 35% to 70% of the turnover from the sale of your books and you will have a profile to introduce yourself to your readers.

Success is of course in the care for the text, but also in the cover, in the amount of work offered and in the publicity you will do to stand out.

Offer professional services on Amazon

Very few Amazon users know that professionals can offer their services on the Jeff Bezos platform. Just sign up for the home service program to offer yours.

Most of the services you can offer revolve around the needs of Amazon customers, such as furniture assembly or hi-fi, but other needs can be met through this professional space, allowing you to reach a wide range of potential customers.

Participation in this program is free, but the service provider must pay Amazon a percentage, which varies depending on the nature of the activity. It varies between 15 and 20%.

Create a private label on Amazon

If you have your own brand or want to create one, labeling is a particularly interesting solution.

Through your supplier, you manufacture products with your logo and brand to distribute them on the largest marketplace in the world.

The little extra comes from the fact that you can register your brand on the site to prevent counterfeiting or identity theft of your products.

Resale of discounted products

A more restrictive solution, but one that can be profitable if you want to make money on Amazon, is to resell products purchased in bulk or at a discounted price in stores during a promotional offer.

Transported people who aren't averse to looking for bargains at the stalls (or checking the internet for bargains) can buy the products directly and then resell them on Amazon. This allows you to generate a small profit, but can lead to a significant profit when total sales are high.

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